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As an EU country, Spain has free reciprocal health agreements with other member states (you should carry form E111, available from main post offices). Even so, some form of travel insurance is still all but essential; with it, you should be able to claim back the cost of any drugs prescribed by pharmacies. European policies generally also cover your baggage/tickets in case of theft, so long as you get a report from the local police.

No inoculations are required for Spain, though if you plan on continuing to North Africa, typhoid and polio boosters are highly recommended. The worst that's likely to happen to you is that you might fall victim to an upset stomach. To be safe, wash fruit and avoid tapas dishes that look as if they were cooked last week.

For minor complaints go to a farmacia - they're listed in the phone book in major towns and you'll find one in virtually every village. Pharmacists are highly trained, willing to give advice (often in English), and able to dispense many drugs which would be available only on prescription in most other countries. They keep usual shop hours (9am-1.30pm & 5.30-8pm), but some open late and at weekends while a rota system keeps at least one open 24 hours. The rota is displayed in the window of every pharmacy, or you can check in one of the local newspapers under Farmacias de guardia .

In more serious cases you can get the address of an English-speaking doctor from the nearest relevant consulate, or with luck from a farmacia , the local police or turismo. If you have special medical or dietary requirements, it is advisable to carry a letter from your doctor, translated into Spanish, indicating the nature of your condition and necessary treatments. In emergencies dial 091 for the Servicios de Urgencia , or look up the Cruz Roja Española (Red Cross) which runs a national ambulance service. Treatment at hospitals for EU citizens in possession of form E111 is free; otherwise you'll be charged at private hospital rates, which can be very expensive. Accordingly, it's essential to have comprehensive travel insurance.


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